Whether or Not Your Eyes Are Still 20/20, Follow the 20-20-20 Rule

Looking at screens for long periods of time can put a heavy strain on our eyes. Whether it’s looking at our phones, reading emails on our computers, or watching a movie on TV, prolonged time spent looking at a screen can make your eyes feel achy and cause your vision to blur. One reason for the strain is we blink less often while looking at screens. This can cause our eyes to dry out...
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Watch Out: Cheap Eyeglasses Can Cost You

If you’ve bought eyeglasses at a drugstore or discount store to save money, they could cost you more than you think—especially when it comes to your vision and overall health. Here are five reasons to avoid cheap glasses: The frames break . Cheap eyeglasses are often made of inferior material that breaks easily. Plastic frames, for example, weaken with age, sunlight and...
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Got A Hunger to Help Others? Volunteer with INRTA at Your Local Food Bank

Food insecurity is growing nationwide as the rate of unemployment rises amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The past holiday season saw 1 in 6 adults with children in the country lacking sufficient food., according to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities (CBPP). With the current state of food insecurity in the U.S., food banks nationally are becoming lifelines for many needy...
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Fill Me In: What’s a MedSup Plan?

A MedSup policy, also known as Medigap or Medicare Supplement, can help you to lower out of pocket costs by filling in the gaps of Medicare.  Medicare A and B 'help' to pay the health care costs for Medicare participants. There are, however, a number of gaps that require a participant to pay out of pocket. In some cases these out of pocket costs can be significant, even many thousands...
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