57th IRTA Representative Assembly

Join us on June 8, 2022, for our 57th Indiana Retired Teachers Association Representative Assembly.

Can't make it in person? We will live stream from the Indiana Retired Teachers Association's Facebook @INretiredteachers

Check out the online event HERE!



Business Meeting Agenda

9:30 AM

Call to Order and Welcome • Paula Dyer

Invocation • David Lennen

Pledge of Allegiance • Mark Guard

Singing of God Bless America • Marty Mullin / Dennis Bourquein 

Adoption of the Agenda**

Remarks and Introductions • Paula Dyer

  • Introduction of Officers and Board
  • Introduction of Staff
  • Introduction of Past Presidents

Remarks from the Executive Director • Laura Penman

Assembly Rules & Election Rules & Delegate Count

Nominations and Election Committee Report • Jane Boultinghouse 

  • Election of Area Directors

Articles of Incorporation • Barry Conrad

Bylaws and Rules Committee Report • Carol Herzog

Bylaws Proposal**

Financial Statement • Laura Penman

Approval of Proposed 2022-23 Budget** • Dr. Sharon Barnes

Indiana Retired Teachers Foundation Report • Jeff Zook

Board of Directors Report • Barry Conrad

Membership Committee Report • David Lennen

Legislative Committee Report • Nancy Tolson

Retirement Planning Committee Report • Cal Biddle

Member Concerns and Services Committee Report • Don Metzger

Community Service Committee Report • Sally Durfee

Public Relations Committee Report • Janella Knierim / Susan Ridge

Strategic Planning • Laura Penman

Memorial Tribute • Don Metzger / Jane Boultinghouse

Recognition of Outgoing Board Members • Paula Dyer

Installation of Area Directors • Barry Conrad

Singing of Luncheon Song & Lunch Instructions • Paula Dyer / Dennis Bourquein 

** Requires vote. Thank you to all who have presented reports and assisted in this business meeting.


Luncheon Agenda 


Introductions • Laura Penman

Recognition of Past Winners (Clock, CASA, School bell & President’s Award) • Laura Penman

Presentation of School Bell Award • David Lennen/Jim Colvin

Presentation of CASA Awards • Don Metzger/Rae Feller/Sarah Taylor

Presentation of CLOCK Awards • Sally Durfee/Jim Colvin

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